Spare Parts

Why Waters Quality Parts Make the Difference

To achieve the highest levels of sensitivity, resolution, and throughput, you invested in a Waters analytical system. Your expected performance and results from that Waters system will be compromised if you allow the installation of non-Waters parts.

A Waters analytical system is developed through proprietary optimization of processes and parts, carefully customized for performance. Even the replacement of a simple seal with a third party part is enough to disrupt the quality of expected results.

If you decide to use third party parts, analyze the quality of those parts. You will find, as we did, a wide variation in specifications, non conformance, and contamination.  Most third party manufacturers offer reverse-engineered parts; only Waters designs parts as integral Waters system components.

Use of Waters Quality Parts® ensure optimal performance throughout the lifetime of your system. 

Spare Parts Catalog Identify and order parts by instrument family, model, or by part category.
Graphical Parts Locator Identify and order parts using an interactive graphical navigator. Access maintenance procedures and reference documents.
Performance Maintenance Performance Maintenance addresses immediate and future service issues on Waters instrumentation to maximize system productivity and uptime.
Deuterium Detector Lamps PerformancePLUS Long-Life Deuterium Detector Lamps are specifically designed for use with Waters detectors to ensure long-life, cost-effective performance. These lamps offer many proprietary features not found in alternative lamps.
Qualification, Calibration Kits Specially-prepared solutions to assist you in successfully completing your own qualification and calibration tasks.

Waters PerformancePLUS™ Cartridge Check Valve System
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