Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QA/QC)

Transferring reliable, robust analytical methods from development to QC

A process, like a human, can’t be strong when its backbone is weak. Reliable, robust analytical tools that are delivered from late development to QC are the backbone of every successful Phase III/commercialization programs.

Alliance HPLC, ACQUITY UPLC, and PATROL UPLC technologies are in use today throughout QC, QA, and manufacturing facilities around the world for process development, in-process analysis, API release testing, drug product release testing, stability monitoring programs, and more. No matter what your analytical need is, Waters provides the ideal chromatographic solutions along with compliant-ready Empower software to support QA/QC requirements for high-quality, compliant results.

And we provide the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully transfer your methods: from HPLC to UPLC, or from UPLC to HPLC; from one QC lab to another; from your facility to a partner plant at a different global location.

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