LC-MS Clinical Diagnostics Solutions

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LC-MS Clinical Diagnostics Solutions

As a leading clinical LC-MS/MS solutions partner, Waters is a trusted provider of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, consumables, informatics, and support services for high performance LC-MS/MS systems.

At Waters™, we understand that Clinical Diagnostics is more than collecting data. It’s making a difference in someone’s life. We know that behind every test tube you handle, and analytical instrument you operate, is a person that you help. We realize that when you analyze these samples, you are transforming data into better care. Because in the end, every piece of information is a part of an explanation, and every sample is a life. That’s why we provide clinical solutions that you can trust every step of the way.

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Improve your laboratory workflow and efficiency with Waters LC-MS solutions


Waters medical devices are designed to optimize your laboratory’s workflow and span from pre-analytics (prep solutions), to analytics (LC to LC-MS/MS), to post-analytics (informatics). This ever-expanding and versatile system portfolio provides options as you implement LC-MS/MS for routine use in the clinical laboratory.

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When it comes to preparing and analyzing your sample whether in urine, serum, plasma, or whole blood, Waters provides a wide variety of products to ensure you have the cleanest sample with the best resolution allowing you to obtain an accurate result.


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With a wide range of LC-MS/MS medical devices you can be assured to have the right instrument for your analytical challenges.

In the pursuit for accuracy and precision to transform data into better care, Waters’ LC-MS/MS medical device portfolio delivers high quality and robust analytical technology for your laboratory. With one of our medical device instruments as an addition to your laboratory your menu of tests can continue to grow, and we are here to help.


ACQUITY UPLC I-Class / Xevo TQD IVD System

The single vendor solution for routine quantitative LC-MS/MS applications, providing maximum accessibility to the sensitivity, selectivity and robustness needed to ensure maximum productivity with minimum effort.

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ACQUITY UPLC I-Class/Xevo TQ-S micro IVD System

High performance from a compact design with rapid, reliable, and reproducible quantitative data for the clinical laboratory, delivering consistent low levels of quantitation with a wide dynamic range.

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ACQUITY UPLC I-Class / Xevo TQ-XS IVD System

With patented StepWave technology, our highest performance IVD instrument provides ultimate sensitivity, to accurately quantify trace analytes in the most complex of clinical matrices encountered

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RenataDX Screening System

The RenataDX™ Screening System is a fully integrated flow-injection tandem mass spectrometry (FIA-MS/MS) IVD system for high-throughput dried blood spot analysis with complete flexibility, ease of use, and fast data acquisitions.

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MassLynx™ (IVD) Mass Spectrometry Software with TargetLynx™ XS (IVD) Application Manager increases the speed at which you can convert your sample data into valuable knowledge and provides you the fundamental platform to acquire, analyze, and manage information in a clinical environment.


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Our Clinical Services program is specifically designed to meet the demands of clinical laboratories, minimize work disruptions and instrument downtime in labs where system performance is critical to the accurate analysis of biological samples. The program includes:

  • Guaranteed prioritized service
  • Guaranteed two-hour response time for call back after receipt of a support call
  • Guaranteed on-site response time of two business days (48 hours)


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Why partner with Waters? 

At Waters we realize that when you analyze clinical samples, you are transforming data into better care for your patients. Partnering with someone who understands your needs of reliability, robustness, accuracy, and regulatory requirements is of absolute importance. We are here to ensure you have the best support possible to allowing you to improve health care one patient at a time.


Meet your Waters Clinical experts

Our clinical diagnostics team is dedicated to improving the customer experience so together we can improve healthcare. We are a global team who are passionate about what we do and take pride in helping our customers.

Get to know your clinical support and understand their passion for your business: Meet them now to see why your quest for better care drives us to deliver the highest quality products.



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MSACL 2020 - Palm Springs, CA, USA - March 31 - Apr 3

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MSACL provides a forum for discussing the clinical application of mass spectrometry by bringing together academic and industrial experts in the field with those driven to explore and understand more about the potential application and benefits.

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Want to improve your clinical lab workflow efficiency? 

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MassTrak Immunosuppressants Kit The MassTrak Immunosuppressants Kit is designed specifically for use with LC-MS/MS for the quantification of Tacrolimus in kidney and liver transplant patients whole blood samples as an aid in the management of Tacrolimus therapy.