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This is the complete list of Waters Educational Courses offered in the US. If you are interested in a course that is not currently scheduled or would like to learn more about on-site training please contact us online.

750000478 Recertification HPLC Qualification
WAT047515 Qualification of Empower Based Alliance and Modular HPLC Systems

750000599 Calculating Peak Purity Using a PDA with Empower - Web-based Training
750000571 Empower Advanced Topics: Acquisition, Processing & Reviewing Results
750000573 Empower Advanced Topics: Custom Fields & Reports
750000570 Empower Advanced Topics: Using Administrative Features for Productivity
750000629 Empower Dissolution Option - Web-based Training
750000568 Empower Fundamentals using the Pro Interface
750000578 Empower Method Validation Manager Software Training
750000572 Empower Software Advanced Topics with lab
750000574 Empower Software Enterprise System Administration
750000580 Empower Software Essentials of the QuickStart Interface
750000631 Reviewing Data Electronically with Empower Software
750000577 Using the PDA Detector with Empower Software
750000600 Working with Spectral Libraries Using a PDA with Empower - Web-based Training
750000989 Empower Software Advanced Topics:  Intermediate and Advanced Custom Fields 
750001020 Empower Overview for QA Reviewers
750001042 Empower Application Administration
750001013 Instrument Connection and Configuration

General Chromatography
750000502 HPLC Fundamentals & Troubleshooting
WAT091011 Method Development and Validation for HPLC with Lab
WAT038309 Theory and Practice of Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC)
750000164 Method Development and Validation for HPLC

Lab Informatics
750000739 NuGenesis LMS System Administration
750000738 NuGenesis LMS SDMS Administration
750000741 NuGenesis Basic Smart Builder Course

750000586 MassLynx 4.1 Tips & Tricks - Web-based Training

750000589 Accurate Mass Hints and Tips for Small Molecule Applications - Web-based Training
750000587 Care & Feeding of LCMS Systems - Web-based Training
750000633 Protein Analysis by LCMS Tips & Tricks - Web-based Training
750000588 Proteomics Tips & Tricks - Web-based Training
750000508 SYNAPT G2-Si Biomolecule
750000509 SYNAPT G2-Si Small Molecule
750000415 TQD Operation Training
750000614 Waters HDX System Training
750000547 Xevo G2-XS Q-Tof Biomolecule
750000546 Xevo G2-XS Q-Tof Small Molecule Training
750000549 Xevo TQ-XS / Xevo TQ-S micro
750000611 Xevo TQD Operation
750000654 UNIFI Xevo G2-XS Biopharmaceutical
750000653 UNIFI Xevo G2-XS Small Molecule
750001009 Vion IMS QTof LCMS - Small Molecule Applications
750001043 Xevo TQ-GC Training
750001010 Vion IMS QTof LCMS - Biopharmaceutical Applications

Operation Maintenance
WAT038306 Alliance HPLC System Operation and Performance Maintenance

750000925 UNIFI 1.8 Application Screening:  Administration, Requirements, and Analytical Method
750000926 UNIFI 1.8 Application Screening:  Analysis Review, Investigate and Reporting

750000907 HPLC and UPLC Best Practices and Troubleshooting
750000901 Operation of the ACQUITY QDa
750000327 ACQUITY UPLC System for Lab Practitioners
750000523 ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System for Lab Practitioners
750000524 Maintaining ACQUITY UPLC Systems (Classic, H-Class & I-Class)
750000439 Method Transfer from HPLC to UPLC - Web-based Training
750000607 Operation of ACQUITY UPLC Systems (Classic, H-Class & I-Class)
750000990 ACQUITY UPLC Maintenance for Metrologists

General Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry



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