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Application Tips

We encourage all applicants to browse the entire Waters careers section to get a high-level overview of who we are, what we do, and what it is like to work at Waters. Our job descriptions list a brief overview of the duties and responsibilities typically associated with the position along with the qualification we have found necessary to be successful in that position.

If what you have read or seen on our site interests you, we encourage you to apply for a position or create a profile. We post new positions frequently and our recruiters are always searching for new team members!

Application Process

When you submit your resume through the Waters Careers site, your application becomes visible to the hiring manager. If the hiring manager feels that resume matches the requirements of the position posted, you will be contacted by phone or email for a phone interview. It is important that you keep your resume and profile up-to-date with the most recent contact information.

Successful resumes/cv’s tend to have these common characteristics:

  • Concise
  • Demonstrates a history of success
  • Specifically addresses the needs of the position
  • Present evidence of a results-driven, innovative, and accountable team player

Interview Process

The Waters interview process typically starts with a phone interview of about 30-45 minutes, to better understand qualifications posted on your resume and is usually conducted by the hiring manager.

Following a successful phone interview, Waters will ask a select few candidates to spend a portion of their day on-site to meet with individuals within the hiring business unit. These interviews will consist of behavioral as well as situation-based questions. Some positions may require candidates to make a formal presentation (on a specific job related topic) to one or more Waters colleagues during the interview process.

Candidates who are asked to visit Waters for an on-site interview may be asked for three to five professional references.

Best Practices:

  • Prepare Prior to Arrival – Know us and the duties and responsibilities of the prospective position.
  • Be Ready to Explain Skill Applicability – Demonstrate how your specific skill sets are directly applicable to the position requirements.
  • Develop & Ask Thoughtful Questions – Ask thoughtful questions about the prospective role, our company, our industry, and/or our customers.

Decision Making & Notification Process

The interview team jointly reviews all applicants and makes a decision to move a candidate through the hiring process. All candidates will be notified whether they have been selected to proceed or not.

Offers of employment are typically presented to candidate in two stages:

  1. A verbal offer of employment will be made to the candidate. The discussion will include the framework of the offer, including compensation and benefits.
  2. Once the verbal offer has been accepted, the candidate will receive a written formal offer. In some countries (ie. US), employment offers may be contingent upon successful completion of pre-employment testing, inclusive of background checks. In those countries, background checks can include but are not limited to criminal, academic, health, and drug testing.

Throughout Waters hiring process, representatives from HR support both candidates and hiring managers to ensure the best possible offer is made to the most qualified individual.


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